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Franz Joseph I
Emperor of Austria, oldest son of Archduke Franz Karl and Princess Sophie of Bavaria
Born 18/8/1830 in Vienna
Died 21/11/1916 in Vienna

When last Babenberg was killed in 1246, Austria was awarded to the House of Habsburg, who ruled it until1918.

You came here with Gurnicht as I can see... What does Habsburg mean? I think this name derived from Habitchtsburg, or Hawks' Castle, the original fortess of my family, located in the Argau region of Switzerland, and still called Habsburg today. But we acquired our vast territorial possessions and power only gradually, and largely by marriage.

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We, Franz Josef was crowned Emperor of Austria in 1848 at age 18

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We, Early on as Emperor he lost war to France (1848)

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Then we lost war with Prussia (1866)


The most significant polytical achievment of us was a law of ethnical and religious friedom. This law actually liberated Jews of the country from the getto and started Jewish assimilation. We were also crowned King of Hungary in 1867 in an attempt to calm the situation with the problematic Magyars (Hungarians). As a Ceasar we were immensely popular among all the various national groups that comprised his kingdom. This can be attributed to the above average standard of living that our subjects enjoyed.

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To be continue

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