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This is my brother. I love him but I hate him. It's like the worst thing in the world loving and hating your brother at the same time. It's like laughing through your tears when you're crying. He can be one of the best brothers in the whole world but at other times he can be the devil's apprentice.

These are pictures of my father with me. He is one of the best ones. He is always there when I need him and I can always say anything to him. He is a loving caring man. Visit his webpage I bet you'll see how great he really is.

This is one of the saddest things on my webpage. It is a memorial timeline to all the Jews who died in the Holocaust during WW II. Farther of to the left are 7 towers made of glass. They are all covered in numbers that the condemned Jews wore before they were sentenced to death.

Here I am doing the disco. Of course you cannot see what my T-shirt says but you probably wouldn't want to see it. It's really offensive. I was doing my dance because I had just come from upstairs and m father came in with a camera and I posed


This is from 3 years ago when my whole family went to New Hampshire. My family went on a boat, which circled this huge lake near us. As usual my mother didn't want her picture taken..

Later when my brother made me laugh while I was drinking Sunkist I spewed it all over here. That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen

This is my Aunt.

I tell you the truth - that's all about her

This picture shows how much I love to be with my parents. Of course I can't remember when this happened but to all of you sneaky people who want to make a fool out of me I AM NOT CRYING.

  Delete this picture!!!

Reason: do not want to be seen like this...


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