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The Jewish Boryslav

The Boryslav Jewish history started from oil and ozokerite (mountain wax).

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The first people who started mining ozokerite and distilling oil.

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Lebaks (end of XIX cent.)

The "Lebaks" was a profession in Boryslav. The word came from the name of Jewish man with name Leib. He organized the first crew of people who caught the waste oil down to the Tysmenytsia River. They used horse's tails especially designed for it. They shoot the tail into the river with floating oil. Oil stick onto the tail. Then lebak twisted the tail with oil into the container. Ofcourse this type of oil was not good for anything but to be burned.   Lebaks did not need a good quality of oilso. Then they bought (or steel) the wooden sawdust, mixed with waste oil and made balls. These balls they sale as a fuel.

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2. Boryslav - Karpathian Oklahoma (XIX - XX cent.)


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3. Petroleum Company  "Pioneer" and "City Oil"


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Boryslav, Pans'ka Street (Beginning of XX century).


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View on the town from Horodishe Hill


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The new gymnasium has been built in 1911. Today it is a school No.3. Gymnasium was located near electrical power station (commonly called "Elektrovnya").


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Thank a industrial development in Boryslav, the new educated and intellegent Jewish clas appeared in Boryslav. Boryslav khasids go to synagogue.

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