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One of the most beautiful and oldest is Jesus Christ Resurrection. This church is located in Mraznitsia district.

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Another churches of Boryslav

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St.Mary, 1929

Kamenopil Church, 1835


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St. John Baptist, 1879. Drohobytska Street. Originally the church was built in 1445, than remodeled in 1734.

Kolpet's Village Church 1818. Burned in 1964.


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Kolpets' Village church, 1925. Architect E. Nahirnyy. St. Akim and Ann. 1891. Remodeled and rebuilt from 1507 and 17..


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St. Paraskeva, 1910. Ulychno district. Remodeled end rebuilt from 1515 and 1848. Architect Vasyl Nahirny.

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