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By Bruno

Short story


One boring day I was walking in Central Park when I heard a rumbling underneath me. I saw holes coming up from the ground and sucking down people and any other moving things around. So guess what I did, I just stood still and waited. A few hours later I thought it was safe to move but I wish I hadnít. When I rushed back to the street everything was gone people, cars, pets, and anything else that moved. When I looked back at the park I saw a Volcano. And lava was coming out of it. I was horrified. I panicked and went toward my house even though I knew that wasnít the safest place to go. When I got there I saw nothing except my cat that was sleeping. Good thing that the past few hours didn't affect him. But there was something else I noticed about the living room. There was a big hole in the center of it. I didnít know what to do so I went upstairs and got my slingshot. I went down stairs and jumped into the hole. About five minutes later I landed on a huge whoopee cushion. I heard the really loud noise and all of a sudden midgets came out. They looked at me really funny they started laughing and making noises and talking in a language I never heard of. Well then all of a sudden they all quiet down and the ground split making a pathway. Then my mom and dad come walking down the isle and are surprised to see me. They said " Hi Jeff, We want you to meet some new people. These are your relatives and people who we know." Then I fainted.

I donít know how long I was out but when I woke up I was in a really fancy bed. I stood up and saw mom and dad standing there. They told me that Iím a prince and that all those people were mole men and that I am a mole man. And thatís where I am today. (Oh yeah, about the volcano and the people , they all died when the huge earth quake struck)


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