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By Bruno

Don't Punch, Don't Kick

Do you know how hard it is to give up your old life and start a new one in a whole new country because I do. In all my years of switching schools I couldnít make friends because I was new and they didnít know me. I f a new kid came to my school and some of my newly made friends started teasing him I wouldnít get involved because he has to toughen up and let him make friends by himself. I would feel sorry for him in the beginning and as he gets used to our playground heíll start to slide into place and make new friends.

Once people start paying attention to him more people will start to like him and there you have it folks, heís a regular school kid. Boy I wish that kids got friends a lot faster unlike me and probably a lot of other kids. You might be switching schools too so remember what I say now. Donít punch or kick people just to make friends, If they do ask you refuse and go to another group of kids keep going like that until you finally meet a group that excepts you. Remember and you will make friends very quickly if you donít wonít you wonít have friends until the fourth grade like me. So keep looking for friends because itís easy to pass up a good friend.

Now I have good friends and I hope to meet more in higher grades. I like my friends now one of them sticks up for me some of the time and others just comfort me. Good luck with some friends.




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