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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Jules Verne


Professor Aronnax goes on a hunt to look for a mysterious sea monster that has already destroyed two ships. President Andrew Johnson allowed me to go on the ship called Abraham Lincoln, which was rimmed to the teeth with weapons from cannons to harpoons. Its mission was to destroy the thing that was destroying ships. Halfway on the voyage the thing strikes the Abraham Lincoln and Professor Aronnax and his friend Ned Landon are captured and put on board the thing

Imprisoned on the ship Nautilus, Professor Aronnax finds out that it is really an under water ship that was made by Captain Nemo. Together they have adventures under water such as diving for treasure. When they are down their Captain Nemo gets attacked by a shark and he wrestles with and kills it, Aronnax was shocked but he kind of liked it and wanted to stay down in the water. But after a while professor Aronnax wants to go on dry land but captain Nemo doesnít let them so they must escape. Between the time of escaping Aronnax had adventures that no one else could imagine like going to see the lost continent of Atlantis while down there he saw what really destroyed it, a huge VOLCANO. They had other adventures too like going through the Great Ice Barrier Reef and being the first ones to set foot on the South Pole. It was a lot of time before they had the chance to get back on dry land. They were a few miles off the NewYork coast so they decided to sneak out at night unfourtunley there was a hurricane last night so they didnít get the chance to. The next few days nothing interesting happened but one night Ned Land spotted land about 20 miles away so that night they snuck out but they were caught in a whirlpool next Aronnax knew he was ina cottage. And that concludes 20,000 leagues under the sea .




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