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By Bruno

Persuasive Essay

I think that we should be able to ride our bikes or any other vehicle to school. It will help cut down on bus expenses, let the kids have a good exercise by riding their bikes, rollerblades or skateboards and it will be fun for the kids who choose this method of transportation. It will be safe for the kids to ride their bikes or any sport with wheels to school. It will not cost the school much to put bike racks under a hooded area.

It will help the schools cut down on expenses for buses because most of the people in school live nearby the school and would easily accept riding their bikes to school. I have even asked some of them. It will also leave money left over from the buses and that can be used on school needs. Although some people still use buses we will need fewer which will make more stops.

It will let the kids have exercise because we donít have gym every day and we donít walk around all morning or do exercise. It will probably decrease the chance of scolyosis. Most children donít exercise in the morning either and donít really get to walk around until recess at 10:15 AM. I know Mr. Grady shares my opinion about riding bikes because he even gave us a program about them last year.

I usually donít think its boring when I do get to ride my bike; other children probably share my opinion too. It will add a little fun to school, too. Kids arenít that sad when they bike with each other to school. I mean, kids usually group up with each other as they ride along the same path with each other. That will make more friends and less fights or quarrels with each other.

The reason why it will be safe for kids is because of a system someone else made in my class. It is a buddy system. Groups of people will ride their bikes together. The buddy system works this way, The person who lives at the end of the street or the farthest away from the last person will start off riding their bike to the first person, he then will ring on their door bell ask if the person is ready to go and then wait for that person. This keeps going on until the last person. If somebody falls or hurts himself the other people will help him.

The reasons I have just presented you with state how bike riding or any other sport with wheels can improve this school. The bike system will only work on nice days and not on rainy or snowy days.



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