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Spelling Sentences

How do you get 50% discounts on everything you buy everywhere you go?

When did you get that new computer with the game programs installed already?

Wow, I just won a million dollars because of those cheap mail packets they send you!

I am going to Six Flags theme park for not doing homework and getting bad grades!

I just discovered the secret potion of Immortality, its made out of soda and aspirin!

"To be or not to be"... I really donít care which one it is, and I really donít want to know.

I would like the ability to morph into any animal.

Soccer is cool because it takes you into real action and doesnít give you a minute to think.

I like my computer because of the games, work utilities and how it always AutoCorrect's my spelling.

My favorite book is David Copperfield because I like the way he rises from a beggar to a gentlemanís son.

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