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Okay now's the time I get to tell you about the sports I play. And if you really couldn't care less about my sports and want to know about the pro's click here.

THANK you to all the people who didn't click there and to you who did you should be ashamed of yourselves (I mean it). Back to me. I play soccer in the youth leagues, which many of you have signed up for. Here's a picture of last year's soccer team.

 I swim and play basketball at the YMCA. Now I can just hear your brain is thinking, "he's Jewish and he goes to the Y, What could the reason be?" Well, here's the answer, MONEY!!!! Of course that's not the greatest thing in life but a very large part of it. I'd love to go to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) but my family is not that wealthy. So I go to the YMCA. You've probably never felt what I have when I hear one of my friends talking about the JCC and how great it is. Well, that's the beef about the sports and money in my life.

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