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Hi and welcome to BRUNO’S FABULOUS FUNHOUSE. I will always be your guide because I am the founder of this web page. First of all I want to tell you a little about me. Here is a recent picture of me

He-he-he... In real life I look much better. I’m not the best looking guy in the world but I live with it.

Any ways, I was born in Chechnya, just before the war has begun with Russia. At that time I was just a baby. That’s about all I know about my life there so let's skip ahead ten years to recent days. I live in a great family.


Now about me. My family and I live near Boston. I am 10 years old, and I go to 5-th grade. I have a dog and a cat. Here’s a picture of them.

Utah-1.JPG (15604 bytes)       

Cat.JPG (10983 bytes)

Oh, aren't they cute? (Just kidding). My collie name is Utah. She is very noble. Utah was born in St.-Petersburg (Russia) , and traveled to USA through Israel. Isn't amazing? My cat's name is Cat. (I never decided on a name. Maybe you can help me on that.)

I am interested in electronics like computers and stuff like that.

My hobbies and passions. Cool stuff.

My school projects.

I play soccer like some of you kids out there.

My sports.

I want to dedicate this web site to kids so they can listen to each other and learn other people's mistakes. Of course, I can't provide information on everything but it will cover at least some problems. I guarantee that all the stuff you send me will be put up on my site as soon as possible. Plus I will connect you to other cool web sites that I like.

Oh, by the way, will you PLEASE send me your stories. I love to read them and I will post them up so other people can read them too.

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